5 Essential Risk Management Services

Trying to figure out which type of cybersecurity is right for you and your individual needs can be somewhat challenging if you don’t have a background in the industry. For example, some people might benefit most from a basic bundle of security tools, while others wouldn’t function without a 24/7 security operations center always looking for security breaches.

Whether you’re an individual concerned about protecting private data, a small company responsible for customer emails and home addresses, or a lawyer liable for client data, there are plenty of risk management tools you should consider depending on your needs. Below are five essential cybersecurity advisory and consulting services you should consider to ensure your devices are always safe.

1. Ransomware Guard

In 2019, ransomware variants grew by 46% resulting in millions of dollars lost to ransomware attacks across the globe. Unfortunately, in recent years there’s been a huge boost to the number of ransomware kits sold through the dark web. This means that even the most inexperienced of hackers can deploy these attacks without the technical knowledge of how they work or even create them – making them much more accessible to low-level criminals and increasing the frequency with which we see them.

The way it works is simple: First, malicious actors can encrypt a file on a device, which means the data that makes up the file is changed into another form and rendered inaccessible and unreadable to everyone without access to a “key” to unlock it. Once the file is encrypted, it is unusable, and the data is locked. Then, the ransomware actors demand a payout to unlock the files and threaten to delete the data if their demands aren’t met.

Ransomware guard helps to protect against the initial encryption by notifying you when a change is made to files on your devices. This way, your data won’t be encrypted without your permission unless you make the change.

2. Dark Web Monitoring

The dark web has become the go-to place for people looking to commit identity theft. In the event that a data breach successfully occurs on your device or network, whether that be through hacking, phishing, or some other type of unauthorized access to your personal information, that data is normally immediately taken to the dark web for sale because of the anonymity it offers criminals.

With dark web monitoring, you’ll have software that is constantly scouring the dark web looking for your personal information and any of the personal information your company is liable for. You can rest easy knowing that you’ll get a notification immediately in the event that an address (physical or email), phone number, date of birth, maiden name, or any other type of stolen credential is found.

Monitoring is beneficial because it gives you the opportunity to change your account passwords on the spot in the event that you get a notification telling you that one of your passwords was found for sale on the dark web.

3. Secure Private Mobile VPN

If you’re like most people, you’re likely sending emails and conducting personal and professional business via smartphone at some point during the day. However, if you ever find yourself checking emails or bank statements while in line for a coffee shop or at the airport terminal and you’re on an unsecured Wi-Fi network, your browser could be compromised by unlawful actors using the same network.

With a virtual private network (VPN) you’re able to secure your online activity on a safely encrypted network that offers anonymity and no traceability. With a VPN, your browsing history, web activity and devices are kept secure so that you’re not at risk for a data breach while you’re traveling or working out of the office.

4. 24/7 Detection and Response

In the event that a business is responsible for big loads of client information (think about banks, law offices, pharmaceutical companies, and industries of that nature), it’s absolutely critical that every step is taken to prevent a cyberattack. The loss or encryption of client information can lead to millions of dollars of damage done in the form of identity theft and ransomware attacks.

With 24/7 detection and response services, you’ll be able to work with an expert team who can customize detection avenues and response strategies to best accommodate your needs. They’ll be your constant watchdogs, keeping an eye out for everything from strange file behavior to the newest types of viruses being deployed.

5. Identity Theft and Cyber Security Cash Guarantee

It’s important that you have some type of insurance guarantee when purchasing a protection plan. This ensures that the security company you’re working with is truly dedicated to doing everything they can to protect your devices from breaches. Different companies offer different amounts but keep your eye out for guaranteed coverage for losses resulting from cyberattacks.

These are just a few of the different types of cybersecurity advisory and consulting services out there for you to learn about and use. Depending on your specific needs, you can always look into other services like device network layer protection, real-time malware removal, and managed encrypted backups. You can never be too safe with your devices and online activity so if you’re looking to start out with a cybersecurity package, these five services will create a strong safety foundation for you and your business.

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