How Should Small Businesses Use Antivirus Software?

The Purpose of Antivirus Software:

Antivirus software protects employees and small teams from computer viruses and malware. Adequate cyber security helps to protect users’ identities and private information. Also, when employees are protected with good antivirus software, they indirectly protect their employer from data breaches. Finally, antivirus software is imperative in keeping machines operable.

Why is it Important for Small Businesses?

Small businesses are at higher risk for cyber-attacks because they usually do not have the strong cybersecurity large enterprises typically do. Implementing adequate cybersecurity for your business, such as Agency, lowers the risk of hackers stealing business and private information. Viruses and malware can affect device operation. Cybersecurity software can help protect device operability. In 2021, 82% of ransomware attacks were against small businesses with less than 1,000 employees. Small businesses need to be protected because hackers aim to use personal information for identity theft, fraudulent activity, or even to sell to others for reuse. Unfortunately, many small businesses struggle to recover after cyber-attacks because they are not adequately protected. But, Agency can protect your business from cyber-attacks. 

Example of Small Business Getting Hacked, Ultimately Shutting Down

In 2013, a California escrow firm, Efficient Services Escrow Group, was forced to close, causing its employees to lose their jobs. The company was attacked by cyber hackers multiple times; the first was a fraudulent wire transfer of $432,215 to a bank in Moscow, Russia. The following two cyber hacks were a month later when a combined $1.1 million was fraudulently transferred to accounts in China. Although the FBI was able to locate the cyber hackers that stole the funds from the firm, the money was long gone and unable to be recovered. The firm was then put out of business and forced to lay off its employees. 

Resources Available Specifically to Small Business

One of the best ways businesses can protect themselves is to download Agency. Companies can claim their free trial here: 

Ways to Protect Your Business:

There are many ways small businesses can protect themselves. The first is to implement enterprise-grade personalized managed cybersecurity, such as Agency. Agency aids many small businesses and enterprises, keeping their private information safe from hackers. The next step is to educate employees on cyber threats and what they can do to keep themselves safe by training them to recognize suspicious activity. This includes upper management and directors. Enforcing all employees, even executives, to control devices password protected with two-factor authentication protects them on their personal devices and company hacks.

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