Best Buy Antivirus Isn’t The Best Option

Best Buy offers different antivirus software to protect your devices. Read more to learn about them.

Why Should I get antivirus protection for my devices?

Online scams and Malware threaten your device and your personal information. Not even your device’s pre-installed Antivirus can stand against today’s attacks.

Some standard antivirus software pre-installed on your device includes the Mac’s Xprotect Antivirus and Windows Defender. Downloading antivirus software will protect your data and information on your devices, depending on the type of Antivirus. 

Installing Antivirus is the most secure way to protect you and your family from Malware and attacks. There are a variety of antivirus programs on the market at varying prices and levels of security. Doing your research and getting the software that is the best fit for you and your family is important.

Is antivirus software from Best Buy any good?

The short answer is that it’s okay. Best Buy offers many different kinds of antivirus software at many different prices. Almost all of these antivirus software offer passive cybersecurity, meaning they only recognize the presence of Malware after it has already infected the device.

The retail Antivirus might remove the Malware after it has already infected your device, but after all data was exported to the cyber criminal’s cloud account. Best Buy does offer Antivirus for sale, but these software programs are outdated and ineffective in the 21st century.

Legacy retail antivirus sold at places like Best Buy and Costco will only recognize the presence of a computer virus after your device has already been infected. This is a problem because a hacker can stage an attack, pulling your information out of the device, and then Malware alerts you. Agency Cybersecurity proactively stops Malware from installing on your devices.

The truth is, there is better antivirus software on the market than anything you can find at Best Buy. You need active monitoring and protection, not just an antivirus that reactively recognizes if Malware has infected your device.

Finally, people typically do not buy software in person and then download it. Many computers do not have CD drives or even USB ports capable of installing software. If you do buy a piece of software in person and you install it, it might be compromised the minute it is installed because it is considered outdated. Software should always be supported by its developers and installed with its latest version.

Which Antivirus should I get?

The most advanced type of Antivirus is endpoint cybersecurity, but it’s often cost prohibitive. A company that offers this is Crowdstrike. Crowdstrike’s protection is expensive. It is not the most accessible option.

A brand of Antivirus that you should not get is Kaspersky. Kaspersky is a Russian multinational cybersecurity and antivirus provider. It is headquartered in Moscow. Russia is known for being reckless with people’s personal and private information, so this is not a recommended antivirus for you and your family.

Agency offers enterprise-grade personal cybersecurity that is considered to be active Antivirus. This means that we have a team on call 24/7 ready to respond to any digital threats that your mac might face. This is more secure than any antivirus program sold at Best Buy. 

Furthermore, our Antivirus protects your device before it is infected with Malware. All of this is backed by the Agency $1m cyber guarantee, meaning that if a hacker is able to gain access to your account, you’re covered by insurance that is included in your Agency membership.

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