Does Norton Slow Down Your Computer?

The Purpose of Antivirus Software:

When purchasing any antivirus software, not only do users want to be protected, but they also want their devices to operate as efficiently as possible. Our devices hold precious information, often for both personal or professional use.

Cybersecurity software, unlike traditional antivirus software, is purposely designed to protect your computer from cyber-attacks, maintaining your computer’s performance while protecting it from external threats.

Norton Cybersecurity:

Norton was founded in the early 1990s as one of the first antivirus companies providing software in retail. The company aims to offer device security, identity protection, online privacy, and all-in-one protection. 

Norton’s security software protects users from cyber attacks and hackers trying to steal personal information. They offer several different products and services that are designed to protect users’ devices, primarily personal ones. That being said, they often fall short. 

Norton claims to offer award-winning software and service by an independent auditing company, but they often fail to meet customer expectations. Consumers are only partially protected, often with a bloated product.

Why Norton is Not the Best Option:

Cybersecurity software protects computers from external threats and viruses while maintaining operability using legacy antivirus. Antivirus software should not hinder a device’s performance or slow down its processing speed. 

Norton claims that their products guarantee both protection and speed. This frankly, isn’t true. People on the internet and in the antivirus industry claim that Norton Antivirus products slow down computers immensely to the point they become inoperable.

Norton’s website offers tips on accelerating digital performance, such as purchasing the latest versions of Norton’s software, minimizing or closing tasks to enhance web browser performance, and contacting Norton Support.

But users want protection all the time, not just when it is convenient for the company. By suggesting users purchase another plan or change their daily computer use, Norton is not delivering the service they claim they guarantee.

It is unethical for a company to encourage users to upgrade their product for faster performance when their product guarantees it and protection from cyber-attacks. Norton should not disregard user needs, nor should a company’s “guaranteed” service not reach user expectations.

How to Protect Your Computer While Maintaining Processing Power:

Agency is the better solution to maintaining your computer’s speed and security. Agency guarantees to protect devices from cyber-attacks while maintaining all users’ devices’ speed and quality. We are dedicated to protecting your personal information from unauthorized users, cyber threats, and viruses. With Agency, users have access to a 24/7 managed cybersecurity team who monitors your devices for threats.

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