How to Protect Yourself From Hackers

Learning internet safety is the best way to protect yourself from any form of hackers, malware, and virus from the internet. While it may seem highly complex today, many small steps and ways to protect yourself from hackers exist.

Ways to Protect Yourself

  1. Protecting your devices and accounts containing sensitive information with passwords is crucial. One of the simplest but most effective ways to protect yourself is to always use passwords on all your accounts and devices. Making passwords unique to each account helps keep them more secure because they are less likely to be guessed and more challenging for hackers to get into.
  2. An essential step with using passwords is using two-step authentication anywhere you can. Many banks, social media sites, and work logins support the ability to add on additional verification. This extra security feature makes it more difficult to hack your accounts.
  3. Avoid using public wifi networks. Many hackers roam public networks to see if they can access users’ private accounts and information. To keep their identity and data safe from hackers, users should always use a wifi network that they know is secure.
  4. Avoid downloading any untrustworthy links, pdfs, or anything from unknown websites. Many of these downloads contain malware that hackers can use to access your private network.
  5. Users should delete any suspicious emails or emails from unknown email addresses. Many hackers use phishing or untrustworthy websites to access users’ information, and knowing how to avoid false claims and downloads is critical to preventing hackers.
  6. Limiting social media posts is an excellent way to protect yourself from nefarious actors. Hackers can follow specific patterns such as schedules, vacations, or familiar places users go to and use that to find when users are mostly unaware and vulnerable to attack either online or in person.
  7. The next step is to keep your device, apps, and browsers up to date. Most updates include security fixes that help keep you and your device better protected.
  8. Users should consistently delete their search history, cookies, and cache. This way, hackers can access minimal information if they hack a device.
  9. An excellent way to protect yourself and others are to report any suspicious activity you see online. This helps stop hackers from attacking users and companies and catch them. 
  10. The final way to protect yourself is to download cybersecurity and keep it up to date. Agency can help you avoid hackers and keep you, your information, and your device safe.

How Agency Can Help Protect You:

Agency offers active dark web monitoring, 24/7 active security monitoring & response by U.S. professionals, VPNs, next-gen antivirus/EDR, ID theft coverage, and personal information removal. Agency offers all executives enterprise-grade cybersecurity protection at a fraction of what is currently available.

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