My Phone Was Hacked, How Do I Fix It (Android)?

We all know the fear when you realize that your device has been hacked, but how can you take effective action so that your personal information is protected? 

Agency offers personalized cybersecurity services that can protect you from hackers and remove hackers with the best cybersecurity tools. 

How Do I Know If My Device Was Hacked??

Here are a few warning signs that your device has been compromised:

  • Performance Issues: your device may start to perform slower, websites and programs may lag, and your battery performance is sufficiently weaker.
  • Unrecognized Apps or Data: a hacker may have breached your device and used it—downloading apps and data, sending calls or emails, etc. 
  • The device is Heating Up: your device may feel hotter, and the fan may run much faster even when not many programs are running. This can be a sign of malware using up more computing power.
  • Pop-ups: you may have unwarranted pop-ups on your device that can send you to skeptical sites

There are other signs that your phone has been hacked, but these are a few of the most common ones that people may overlook. 

How to Remove the Hacker

There are many options to remove the hacker from your device:

  • You can back up your information in a cloud service where you can then reset your device. This will remove any malware in your device. You can then restore the information previously saved in the cloud. For different devices, the process will be different.
  • For a less aggressive approach, you can start by deleting unrecognized apps and data. 
  • If you want expert help, download Agency’s Cybersecurity App & contact our 24/7 Managed Cybersecurity Team.

How to Prevent Hackers From Breaching Your Device

How can you prevent another breach now that you’ve removed the hacker? Keep these in mind as you use your devices:

  • Be mindful of phishing attempts. These can come in forms of emails, links, or attachments. 
  • Try using a different password for every login. Although this may seem tedious, it is essential so that if your hacker breaches one login, they won’t have access to all logins. 
  • Activate a firewall on your computer to monitor network traffic. This will shield you from malicious network traffic and prevent it from accessing your information.
  • Only connect to trusted VPNs, Wi-Fi networks, and Bluetooth networks. If you are not using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, it can be safer to turn them off. 

Agency offers its Next-Gen Antivirus/EDR, Device Protection, Detection and Response, and 24/7 Security Monitoring to protect your devices from hackers effectively. Protect your devices with enterprise-grade cybersecurity provided by Agency. 

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