The Best Antivirus For Chromebook

Chromebooks are popular for students and universities looking for a simple, reliable, and affordable computer. 

The Chromebook also boasts a reputation for having effective security features. Chrome OS (operating system) runs each app on your Chromebook in a separate container. This way, the application cannot change other parts of your device. 

Another plus is that Chromebooks cannot run .exe files. Therefore, many malware infections with this file type cannot work on Chromebooks to wreak havoc on your data. 

However, Chromebook users would be wrong to let these features lull them into a false sense of security. Not every malware infection is transmitted using .exe files, and many other types of cyber attacks are out there. Viruses, for example, can still infect your Chromebook and collect your data. 

Additionally, Chromebooks’ security vulnerability stems from their close integration with the Chrome browser. Any effective cyber attack on browsers is also effective on Chromebooks. 

What Other Website Listings Don’t Tell You

Popular recommended antivirus software include Norton360, Bitdefender, TotalAV, and Malwarebytes. These website listings don’t tell you that these companies spend thousands of dollars to promote their products. 

The website owners also receive a commission if you click their link and purchase the antivirus from their article. 

But that’s not the main secret the antivirus companies and websites keep from you.

These antivirus programs are all passive cybersecurity solutions. 

Passive cybersecurity is only a little better than no cybersecurity at all. If you experience a cyber threat, these providers fail to respond to and remediate the threat.

Also, avoid “free” versions of antivirus software. These downloads may be infected with viruses or simply collecting your data.

Enterprises do not use any “solution” remotely like these. Companies use active cybersecurity methods and providers. You should too.

Active cybersecurity solutions include responding to and remediating the cyber attack. 

Imagine if you had to protect a castle from an invasion. Do you just want someone to ring the alarm bell when there’s an attack? Or, do you also want an army and construction crew after the battle? 

Cybercriminals’ methods are growing more sophisticated every day. Don’t use outdated antivirus when you can purchase better options.

Antivirus Is Not The Only Cybersecurity Tool You Need

Yes, you need a secure antivirus to protect your Chromebook. 

However, antivirus is just one tool in your cybersecurity arsenal. 

Agency, a cybersecurity company, offers comprehensive, business-level cybersecurity that prevents, monitors, and mediates problems if they arise. Be protected by a team of cybersecurity experts that monitor and respond to online threats 24/7. 

Agency’s Plan Includes: 

  • Next Gen Antivirus/EDR
  • Active Dark Web Monitoring 
  • Personal Information Removal 
  • Personal Cyber Coverage 
  • ID Theft Coverage 
  • Active Security Monitoring & Response by US Pros
  • VPNs

Cybersecurity attack vectors target every individual connected to technology. Guard yourself and your information against malicious actors. By signing up for the newsletter, you could receive a free one month trial!

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