What Is Executive Personal Information Removal

With the threat of identity theft increasing daily, it is essential to understand how to remove your personal information from the internet. 

What Is Executive Privacy?

“Executive privacy” generally refers to the right to privacy of high-level executives or top management personnel within an organization. This can include protecting personal information, such as home addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and other sensitive data that could be used for identity theft, harassment, or other malicious purposes.

Organizations may have policies in place to protect the privacy of their executives, such as limiting access to personal information or requiring confidentiality agreements for employees who handle sensitive data. Additionally, executives may protect their privacy by using separate phone lines or email addresses for work and personal use, avoiding sharing personal information on social media or other public forums, and using privacy-enhancing tools such as encryption and virtual private networks (VPNs).

Do I need Executive Privacy?

Executive privacy is a process that involves removing private executives’ private information from the internet.

Suppose you hold a high-level executive position in a company. In that case, you will likely need some executive privacy to protect sensitive information related to your work. This might include confidential company information, trade secrets, financial data, and personal information of employees or clients.

In addition to work-related privacy concerns, there may also be personal reasons why you value your privacy. For example, you may be a public figure or have concerns about your personal safety or your family’s safety.

Executive privacy services perform a ‘full information audit’ to search all the websites that might have your information. Once the search is complete, the service will scrub your information online.

This service is offered to company executives, who are often targets of cyber-attacks because of their proximity to their employers’ information, as well as their wealth and other vital data. Usually, background check websites and data brokers keep this information to publish on the dark web. This includes phone numbers, addresses, names, credit cards, and banking information.

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Why Do I Have To Worry About My Data On The Internet?

You should be concerned about your personal data on the internet because it is often collected, stored, and used by companies and organizations without your explicit knowledge or consent. This data can be used for various purposes, including targeted advertising, market research, and even identity theft.

Some specific reasons to be concerned about your data on the internet include:

  1. Privacy: Your personal data, such as your name, email address, phone number, and browsing history, can be used to build a profile that may reveal private information about your life, such as your interests, habits, and relationships. This information can be used by advertisers, data brokers, and other third parties to target you with ads, track your online activity, and even sell your data to others.
  2. Security: Your personal data can also be used to gain unauthorized access to your accounts, steal your identity, or commit other types of fraud. Hackers and other cybercriminals can use your personal information to impersonate you, access your bank accounts, and even file false tax returns in your name.
  3. Reputation: Your online activity and personal data can also impact your personal and professional reputation. For example, social media posts or online comments can be taken out of context and used to harm your reputation or even cost you your job.

Hackers can get a hold of your information very easily. Everyone has a digital footprint. If you have social media or regularly interact with the internet, you have a digital footprint, and your personal information is out there. Once your information is online, it can be made available to cybercriminals, who can use it to steal your information or your identity.

Cyber attacks are becoming increasingly common- hackers can open credit cards and sign up for subscriptions with just the information they can find on you on the internet. Company executives should also be especially vigilant about cyber attacks, as they are commonly thought of as suspected targets of online attacks. These people have access to sensitive information & often are well compensated, making them exceptionally high targets.

It’s essential to be aware of the risks associated with sharing your personal data online and with taking steps to protect your privacy and security. This can include using strong passwords, being cautious about what information you share online, and using privacy tools like VPNs and encrypted messaging apps.

How Can I Stay Safe Online?

The only way to completely protect your and your family’s information is by getting personalized managed cybersecurity software and signing everyone up for personal identity removal.

Agency offers enterprise-grade personal cyber security, actively monitored by a 24/7 team. We also offer a VPN and encryption. This VPN is useful for users who use public wi-fi but still want to keep their identity safe when browsing. Agency also offers a Dark Web Scan that helps you see if you have compromised data on the Dark Web. Agency also offers executive privacy removal and will scrub your information from the internet to protect your identity.

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