Agency Is The Best Antivirus for Mac

Agency offers enterprise-grade personal cybersecurity, considered the most sophisticated Antivirus available to consumers. Unlike legacy antivirus solutions, our team is on call 24/7, ready to respond to any digital threats your Mac might face.

Your Mac is susceptible to attacks from cybercriminals. We are the only personal cybersecurity app that includes coverage to fix or replace your device if you are a victim of a cyber attack or accidentally install malware. Read more to learn how to protect yourself and your family with Agency.

You Need Agency Personalized Managed Cybersecurity With Antivirus From Agency

If you get a virus from visiting a malicious website or clicking on a phishing email, we immediately protect you and your devices from the threat. Other antivirus companies utilize outdated malware recognition technologies, install crypto-miners on your computer, and impact processing performance to a point where your device is unusable.

Here’s a list of things Agency’s Personalized Managed Cybersecurity solution does that our competitors do not:

  1. We offer enterprise-grade cybersecurity at an affordable price (starting at $20 per month) for all Apple computers & devices, including Mac, iPhone, and Ipad.
  2.  Our next-gen EDR antivirus does not impact computer speed or performance. We keep our antivirus as lean as possible, so you won’t recognize it’s running in the background.
  3.  Our team is on standby 24/7, monitoring your device for any incoming threats. We do not have access to your data, placing your privacy at utmost importance. We ensure that Malware, spyware, and other viruses stay off your devices.
  4. If we detect a virus on your device, we will remove it immediately before data can be extracted. When working with legacy antivirus companies, you may face long wait times that exceed the time it takes for a hacker to remove information from your device. With Agency, you get immediate white glove service & protection.
  5. Our personal information ends up on the Dark Web due to data breaches. Dark Web Monitoring is essential to inform you if your information was caught in one. We will let you know if your personal information (email, password, social security number, date of birth, address, etc.) was caught in a breach so you can take actionable steps like freezing your credit accounts & changing your passwords.
  6. Over 200+ data brokers have people’s personal information on sale. Hackers often pay these data brokers to gather information on a potential target, crafting easily persuadable phishing emails to extort money from their victim. We remove your information from these data brokers, making it difficult for hackers to target you individually.
  7. We have an up to $1m Cyber Guarantee of Identity Theft Coverage and Loss Of funds Coverage. If your identity is stolen and used to open new loans or credit cards, Agency will cover you for any damage inflicted.

Our plans start at only $20 monthly, protecting your devices (iPhone, iPad, and Mac) from Malware and cyber attacks. We want to personally invite you to get your first year of Agency for only $99 using this private promo code: 99annualTXYKJ32, 50% off. Agency offers 24/7 device and dark web monitoring and other services to keep you and your family safe from cyber threats.

Do I Need Agency Antivirus For My Mac?

Yes. Macs alone do not protect your device. The common misconception among consumers is that Macs are entirely impenetrable to cyber attacks.

While macOS is known for being more secure and less prone to Malware than other operating systems, it’s not entirely immune to threats. There are several reasons why you might want to consider installing Agency Personalized Managed Cybersecurity on your Mac:

  1. Growing popularity: With the increasing popularity of Mac computers, they have become more attractive targets for cybercriminals. As a result, the number of malware threats and attacks targeting macOS has increased. Agency protects you from the newest threats on the internet.
  2. Cross-platform threats: Some types of Malware, like ransomware, can target multiple platforms, including macOS. Agency can help protect your Mac, iPhone, and Ipad from these threats.
  3. Security vulnerabilities: All operating systems, including macOS, have security vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit. Regular software updates help mitigate these risks, but Agency adds an extra layer of protection. We will notify you if your OS is out of date.
  4. Safeguarding personal information: Agency helps protect your personal information, such as financial data, from malware or phishing attacks. We are a barrier between you and the millions of threats on the internet.
  5. Protection against phishing attacks: Phishing attacks, which involve tricking users into revealing sensitive information, can target Mac apps and its users as easily as any other platform. Agency includes features to protect against phishing attacks. If you accidentally click on a malicious link, Agency will step in and make sure that link does not infect your device with a virus.
  6. Preventing the spread of Malware: Installing Agency on your Mac can help prevent the unintentional spread of Malware to other computers or devices, especially if you share files or connect to networks with devices running different operating systems. If you have Agency on all of your devices, viruses cannot move laterally from one device to another.

While the macOS operating system has built-in security features, such as gatekeeper, which helps prevent the installation of malicious software, it’s still possible for a Mac to become infected by Malware.

In addition to traditional viruses, other types of threats can affect a Mac, such as adware, spyware, and phishing attacks. These threats can compromise privacy, steal sensitive information, or slow down your Mac’s performance.

Having Agency on your Mac can provide an extra layer of protection and peace of mind, especially if you download software from the internet or regularly share files with others.

Apple does not provide insurance in case your computer gets hacked. Agency does. Also, Agency has personal information removal to make it a lot more difficult for hackers to use personal information to socially engineer an attack against you.

If you are worried that your information ended up on the Dark Web as a result of a data breach, click below for a link to a free Dark Web Scan by Agency.

How Does Agency Antivirus Work?

Agency is designed to detect, prevent, and remove malicious software (Malware) from your computer or device. Here are some of the key functions that antivirus software performs:

  1. Scanning: Our next-gen antivirus product scans files, directories, and running processes on your computer to identify any malicious code or suspicious behavior. This is done automatically in the background of your device, so you do not need to plan your usage around scans.
  2. Real-time protection: We monitor your computer in real-time, checking for any suspicious activity, such as the execution of unknown programs or attempts to modify system files. This helps prevent Malware from causing damage or spreading.
  3. Virus definition updates: Our Agency antivirus software relies on a known malware signatures (virus definitions) database to identify threats. We also use next-gen Endpoint Detection & Response antivirus to recognize the presence of unknown malware. Regular updates of your operating system & Agency can detect the latest malware variants.
  4. Heuristic analysis: Besides using virus definitions, Agency may employ heuristic analysis to identify new or previously unknown Malware by examining files and programs’ behavior or code structure.
  5. Quarantine and removal: When Agency detects Malware, it typically isolates the malicious file or program in a quarantine area, preventing it from causing further damage. Our software then attempts to remove the malware. All of this occurs without manual intervention, but we’re on standby to make sure that it is executed correctly and swiftly.

While all Macs have protective software already installed on the device, it is not enough to protect you from new scams developed daily. Investing in Agency enterprise-grade managed antivirus software for your Mac is the best way to ensure that you and your family are safe from cyber threats.

Our plans start at only $20 monthly, protecting your devices (iPhone, iPad, and Mac) from Malware and cyber attacks. We want to personally invite you to get your first year of Agency for only $99 using this private promo code: 99annualTXYKJ32, 50% off. Agency offers 24/7 device and dark web monitoring and other services to keep you and your family safe from cyber threats.

What Happens If I Don’t Use Antivirus For My Mac?

If you don’t have Agency installed on your computer or device, you may be more vulnerable to various security threats, including viruses, Malware, ransomware, and phishing attacks. Here are some potential consequences of not having antivirus or ransomware protection:

  1. Data loss: Malware and viruses can damage, encrypt, or delete your files, leading to data loss. You may lose important documents, photos, and other personal files.
  2.  Compromised personal information: Cybercriminals can use Malware to steal sensitive information such as passwords, financial details, or personal identification data. This can lead to identity theft or financial fraud.
  3.  System performance issues: Malware can consume system resources, causing your computer to slow down or become unresponsive. In some cases, Malware can even cause your system to crash or become unusable.
  4.  Loss of productivity: Dealing with malware infections can be time-consuming and frustrating, affecting productivity, primarily if you use your computer for work or other essential tasks.
  5.  Spread of Malware: Without antivirus protection, you may unknowingly spread Malware to other devices, computers, or networks, potentially causing harm to others.
  6.  Repair costs: If your computer is infected with Malware, you may need to spend money on professional assistance or software to repair it.

If you are worried that your information ended up on the Dark Web due to a data breach, click below for a link to a free Dark Web Scan by Agency.

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