Protect Yourself From Evolving Cyberattacks

Why You Need To Keep Your Antivirus Up-To-Date

You might not have guessed it, but everyday hackers are coming up with new viruses, scams, and attacks that outsmart and confuse out-of-date cybersecurity software. Whether a town’s favorite local bakery or a big banking corporation become targets, hackers worldwide are exploiting individuals and businesses small and large as they move their day-to-day operations online to keep up with the ever-changing consumer market.

As more businesses and lives shift to the virtual world, there’s a greater opportunity for breaches. Don’t take my word for it, though, the numbers from 2021 prove it: This past year was a record-setting year for cybercrime, costing organizations close to $1.79 million per minute. The huge boom in cybercrime seen in 2021 wasn’t simply due to the increased opportunity for criminals resulting from a rise in online banking, e-commerce, and telehealth (though these certainly are factors).

Attackers have significantly upped their game by establishing more sophisticated, complex attack strategies that evolve and mature in real-time. With things changing by the hour, your data could be at risk of attack strategies your current security system isn’t even aware of. New types of intricate viruses and attacks are surfacing all the time, meaning that now more than ever it’s crucial that you keep up-to-date with the most advanced antivirus software.

COVID-19 Made the World More Vulnerable to Cyberattacks

The COVID-19 pandemic has altered virtually everything about the world and the way in which we interact with one another. Where shoppers used to swipe credit cards at the mall, they now enjoy the convenience of online shopping. Similarly, gone are the days of long waits in doctor’s offices with the widespread convenience of telehealth appointments.

By the same token, more people than ever are working as remote employees rather than going into the office. With all of this convenience, however, the shift to a virtual way of life has come with a huge uptick in the amount we all are sharing personal banking and identity information through online channels. As a result, identity theft doubled between 2019 and 2021 as criminals took advantage of the changing, but not yet established virtual landscape.

This massive shift to a virtual way of sharing personal information has opened the door for criminals to take advantage of those without up-to-date antivirus software. Between the shopping, banking, emailing, staying in touch with friends and family, schooling, and business you do online, now more than ever, your devices are home to almost every detail of your most important personal information.

It seems out of your control to shy away from reliance on your devices and the convenience that comes with them, however, what you can control is keeping your antivirus software up to date so hackers are unable to view the activity and steal information.

The more you rely on your devices, the more hackers will come up with new “bugs” and viruses that can damage, steal or erase your data. A lot of antivirus software comes with the option to update each time you go online, a crucial feature that can protect you from even the newest of cyber attacks.

Increases in Online Data Through Social Media

From Instagram and Facebook to Tik Tok and Snapchat, in today’s age, it’s unlikely to find somebody who isn’t participating in at least one form of social media daily. While these platforms have brought the world together and increased the ease with which we stay connected with one, they’ve also increased how hackers can access personal and confidential data for individuals and businesses alike.

This may sound unsettling, but there’s no need to panic and take a hiatus from social media just yet. Keep on snapping, tweeting, and posting away without a worry by keeping your antivirus updated so you don’t fall victim to unfair play.

As you spend more time online doing everything from enjoying social platforms to running businesses, staying vigilant and on top of the most recent antivirus updates is crucial. Not a day passes in which a new virus, tactic, or attack strategy isn’t implemented by hackers.

Don’t fall prey to these criminals as they take advantage of the global transition to the virtual world by stealing private information and infecting devices. Keep your antivirus up to date for a worry-free approach to living in the modern age.

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