Was Your Amazon Account Hacked?

The Internet has expanded our ways of doing things. It opened new methods for operating a business, communicating with people, and finding career opportunities. Honest people like us are thankful for the internet for it reshaped how we do things in a more convenient approach.

Crooks are thankful, too, because the internet made it easier for them to accomplish their despicable acts. Now we need to prevent our accounts from getting hacked.

All user accounts on the internet can get hacked. This doesn’t only include emails and social media. Accounts for doing business can get hacked too. A good example is Amazon.

If your Amazon account is acting abnormally for the past few months or days, you might want to engage in this short discussion. Is my Amazon account hacked?

Is Amazon Easy To Hack?

Amazon isn’t easy to hack – not if you do the right security measures. This includes enabling the two-step verification feature and the secret questions feature.

However, it’s another story if your Amazon account is only linked to an email, wherein the email only notifies you about suspicious payments, unauthorized logins, and changes in your profile.

That said, Amazon is easy to hack if you don’t enable Amazon’s extra security features. Simply put, a username and password aren’t enough to keep you secured.

By the way, know that account hacking may also happen for those who own Amazon affiliate accounts.

How Does Your Amazon Account Get Hacked?

I read an online article about this. Apparently, some scammers act as Amazon security agents. They’ll send you a spam message. The spam message will notify you that a data breach has occurred in Amazon and security agents are updating user accounts.

The rest of the spam message will then ask you to click on a link ( a phishing link) or reply by sending your Amazon username and password.

If not through email, then hackers will do this modus through telephone calls.

The second is through malware, which hackers use to get your username and password. It’s hard to determine how hackers plant malware on a PC. However, your computer likely gets this malware from unsecured websites, cracked computer software, unauthorized downloads, etc.

As far as I know, most hackers gain access to passwords using the so-called dictionary attack.

Dangers of Getting Your Amazon Account Hacked

Here are the most pressing issues that you’ll have to think about after getting hacked:

  • Stolen credit/debit card details
  • Unauthorized money transfer
  • Unauthorized payments
  • Unauthorized withdrawal of bank funds to your Amazon account
  • If you have a Paypal account, then it might get hacked too
  • A data breach of your clients’ accounts (if you’re a seller)

Examples of Your Amazon Account Hacked

These are the most common signs that your Amazon account was hacked:

  1. Payments made at Amazon for items that were delivered to a location that can’t be tracked
  2. Transfer of your bank funds from an untraceable bank account
  3. Amazon account temporary suspension ( in case Amazon security detects the hacking themselves)
  4. Changes in your account details
  5. Abnormalities on the products that you’re selling ( if you’re using an Amazon seller account)

What Do Hackers Do With Hacked Accounts?

This is very simple. Hackers hack Amazon accounts to purchase items, sell data on the dark web, and acquire funds. If the Amazon account is for your company, the hacker can even use it to gain access to the computer system.

How To Secure Your Amazon Account?

Password manager tools are handy for securing your Amazon account. These are software that generates a strong password and saves it on a secure server. Don’t use online or free password managers. Hackers made this themselves to scam users.

We recommend using the one included with Agency.

Also, you might want to unlink your credit/debit card on your Amazon account after purchasing. After all, Amazon doesn’t prohibit users from linking credit/debit cards more than once.

Finally, enable Amazon’s two-step verification. The two-step verification connects your Amazon account to your phone number. It sends a verification code to your phone. You’ll have to type this verification code on the Amazon login page before entering.

To learn more about account hacks, check out our blog, and get comprehensive security that would protect against all kinds of attacks, visit Agency to learn more.

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