The Reasons Why You Need EDR Antivirus in 2023

What Is EDR? 

EDR stands for endpoint detection and response and is a sign of an effective Next-Generation Antivirus (NGAV) solution. That means that the NGAV solution uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide real-time detection and prevention of complex threats. 

What Is Antivirus? 

Antivirus is any software designed to detect and destroy computer viruses. There are many versions and types of antivirus out there. 

Traditional antivirus used to be effective when it was new, but hackers have now learned the tricks necessary to evade it. Hackers know the vulnerabilities of traditional antivirus software and aren’t afraid to exploit these shortcomings. 

Next Gen Antivirus, also known as Next-Generation Antivirus (NGAV), is the newer antivirus used by enterprises. NGAV uses a combination of artificial intelligence, behavioral detection, machine learning algorithms, and exploit mitigation to prevent cyber threats. 

NGAV is more preferred as an antivirus for various reasons. The older technology — legacy antivirus technology (AV) — fails to track and inspect an unknown threat that could be a potential virus. It relies on signature-based detection methods, and hackers have grown sophisticated enough to evade these measures.

NGAV, in contrast, uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to build predictive analytics that identifies cyber attacks before your security protocols become compromised. It is also cloud-based, so updates to the software happen automatically.

Which Should I Have?

If you “have” EDR, you have antivirus software that has EDR. EDR incorporates antivirus and other endpoint security features to protect more against a wide range of potential threats.

EDR systems protect your computer better than traditional antivirus, especially when attackers use memory-based attacks, PowerShell scripting language, remote logins, and macro-based attacks.

When looking for antivirus solutions, don’t stop at NGAV with EDR. This won’t stop more advanced threats.

You don’t want to have just one cybersecurity tool as a security measure, protecting you and your devices from a hacker. Consider your cybersecurity as a toolbox. Would you only buy a screwdriver to build a shed? 

Comprehensive personal cybersecurity costs only $20/month with Agency. Protecting yourself and your devices saves yourself the financial and emotional stress of being a cyber attack victim.

Agency is one of the few cybersecurity solutions using NGAV with EDR, alongside other effective cybersecurity tools. 

Agency’s plan also includes: 

  • Active Security Monitoring & Incident Response by US Professionals
  • VPNs
  • ID Theft Coverage 
  • Active Dark Web Monitoring 
  • Personal Information Removal 
  • Personal Cyber Coverage

If you’re considering cybersecurity solutions, try Agency! Get the first month free if you sign up for our newsletter!

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