How Can an Attorney Help With Identity Theft?

What Is Identity Theft?:

Identity theft is when someone steals your information and uses it to commit fraud. Mainly, fraudsters seek money or any sensitive information that can lead them to bank accounts. The perpetrator uses the stolen information to make fraudulent transactions or obtain credit, loans, or other financial benefits in the victim’s name.

Identity theft can cause significant harm to the victim’s financial well-being and credit history, as well as damage to their reputation and personal life. It can take a lot of time, effort, and resources to repair the damage caused by identity theft, and it can have long-lasting consequences for the victim’s financial and personal security.

What to do if your Identity is Stolen?:

If your identity is stolen, there will be signs:

  • The first is unusual accounts or charges to accounts you do not recognize or open. Identity thieves may have stolen your private information to open a new account and place charges against you
  • The next is unexpected credit or loan denials. Someone may have stolen your identity to take advantage of your credit.
  • Missing mail (emails or physical). If you stop receiving bills or other mail you typically receive, it could be a sign that an identity thief has changed your mailing address.
  • Unexpected calls or emails. It could signify identity theft if you receive random phone calls or emails from creditors, debt collectors, or other parties requesting payment or personal information.
  • Incorrect personal information on government forms
  • The last is scam text messages, emails, or phone calls, which are phishing attempts.

How Can a Lawyer Help If Your Identity Is Stolen?

Identity theft attorneys usually help victims recover their stolen identities. They understand how to properly report and dispute fraudulent activity and inform victims of their rights, including their potential right to financial compensation and sue. Finding the right attorney ensures their law practice works in your best interest. For example, some attorneys may be the middleman between you and your financial institutions to recover your identity and finances. Or they may be focused on bringing your case to court. Next, ensure they have experience in identity theft cases and finally understand how and when they will be compensated before doing business with them.

How to Prevent Your Identity from Being Stolen:

Store all documents that contain personal information, such as social security numbers, financial statements, medical records, and credit cards, in a safe place at home and work. Limit what you carry with you, don’t carry your social security card unless you need it. Do not share personal, financial, or health information over the phone or online unless you have a trusted relationship with the requestor or initiated contact. Shred all receipts, financial statements, and essential documents after you no longer need them. Finally, use secure and unique passwords for all online accounts and do not share them. These all limit how fraudsters can obtain your private information and your identity.

How Agency Can Help Protect You:

Agency offers enterprise-grade cybersecurity to individuals and families. We also provide personal identification removal from data brokers as well as 24/7 active monitoring of devices. All of this is backed by a $1m cyber insurance guarantee.

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