Best Antivirus for PC Gaming


While gaming, you want to know you’re protected from the looming online threats. Investing in an antivirus that can protect you when you are active is essential. Play worry-free with the benefits that an antivirus provides!

Protect Yourself From Online Threats

You may think that a game isn’t a place where online threats can target, but there is so much information and data within the program you are using! Look at our article “Best Gamer Antivirus” to see the different online threats that gamers may encounter. 

They include malware, viruses, identity theft, account takeover, and spyware. These threats are difficult to recover, but an antivirus can save your account and information from getting hacked, stolen, or shared.

Does Antivirus Affect Gaming?

It’s a common misconception that downloading an antivirus can affect your gameplay, but most antiviruses don’t. 

Antiviruses have gaming modes that can allow users to continue regular gaming functions. It does not slow down your game so that you can play with the same speed and skill as you previously would. 

Antiviruses also won’t affect the view of the game. You don’t have to worry about pop-ups obstructing your view while playing because antiviruses often work in the background. 

Antiviruses will allow you to play easily and without fear of online threats. 

Types of Antivirus for PC Gaming

You may not know where to look but here are some viable options:

  1. ESET Internet Security:
    1. Gamer mode feature
    2. Password vault and manager
    3. Webcam protection
    4. Sensitive data encryption
  2. Avira:
    1. Game Mode
    2. Scanning Process
  3. Agency
    1. Virus & Malware Removal
    2. 24/7 Security Monitoring
    3. Security VPN
    4. Device Protection

Before logging in to play a game, ensure you’re protected through an antivirus. 

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