How To Identify a Fake Text Message

Why do Scammers Use Scam Text Messages?:

Scammers use fake messages to access users’ personal information. They are looking for passwords, account numbers, or social security numbers.

Fake messages include false promises such as free prizes or gift cards, an offer to pay off student loans, or a great deal on a no-interest credit card. Often fake messages may scare users by saying their accounts have been hacked or a transaction failed by saying there has been suspicious activity on their account, claiming an issue with payment in a transaction, or sending a fake invoice and asking for purchase confirmation.

If you are suspicious that a text message is fake, do not respond to it. If a company you’ve recently done business with needs to get a hold of you, they can do so via email or another medium.

How to Identify Spam Text Messages?

Scammers often include links in these messages where users can “claim” their prize or “fix” the solution with their account. Many spam messages have spelling and grammar errors that legitimate companies do not have when contacting customers.

Also, spam messages may come from unknown foreign numbers. Some spam text messages are time sensitive, such as they will tell you an account is temporarily suspended and it must be confirmed by a user immediately. This is a method to scare users into giving hackers personal information.

If you are on an iPhone, spam texts might appear as iMessage emails. In this case, it is likely spam, and you can ignore & delete the message. Legitimate text messages from merchants come through a short number, often five or six digits.

What to Do if You Receive a Spam Text Message:

Do NOT click the link! These links allow hackers to get users to give them personal information. Some links may include malware that hijacks your device. From there, hackers can extract personal information from you.

Many smartphones include settings that allow users to block messages from unknown numbers. iOS and androids have settings where you can filter unknown numbers from your primary inbox. Do not call the company that asks for your information unsolicited. Ignore the text.

If a legitimate company needs to contact you, they will attempt to do so through other means such as email, through a phone call, or the post office. Download Agency to help protect you and your device from spam messages.

Ways to Protect Yourself:

Agency offers protection from spam text messages for its users. Agency’s personalized managed cybersecurity service blocks your phone from becoming easily accessible to hackers through SMS phishing scams, even if you click on the link.

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