Personal Security Monitoring For The Internet

Here at Agency, we believe that you should rethink any preconceived notions regarding personal security monitoring. While your home is a potential threat, personal security monitoring is becoming more important in your digital life.

You’ve probably heard of one of the following home security solutions: SimpliSafe, ADT, or Vivint Smart Home. There’s also Ring Alarm and Nest as well. All are great solutions that will keep you safe in your home by alerting the police in case of an intruder.

But do you have anything protecting you from threats on the internet?

It’s widely known that Antivirus is inadequate at proactively keeping your computer safe from hackers. Also, Macs and iPhones are no longer immune to digital threats since bad actors are testing these devices for vulnerabilities.

Agency will give you Personal Security Monitoring for your digital life. We’re the only company providing 24/7 active monitoring and response in real-time, for individuals, from a US-based team ready to spot threats.

We also have $1m in cyber security coverage backed by two major insurance carriers.

Finally, we respect your privacy. So, device control and user permissions remain in your hands, and we only see your device when a security event occurs.

Personal Security Monitoring is important for your home. But, as our lives move further online, we also need 24-7 active monitoring for our digital devices.

If you believe your email ended up on the Dark Web, check out our Free Dark Web Scan below.

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