What Is Open-Source Antivirus? 

An open-source antivirus means that the program’s original source code is made available for absolutely free. The program can be modified and redistributed. 

The “other” type of software is proprietary. That means that a company owns the antivirus software. Users usually have to pay to use the software. Some companies choose to release free versions or free features. 

In general, open-source software is run by a community of users that help create and maintain the code.

Should I Use Open-Source Antivirus?

There is nothing inherently wrong with open-source software. However, open-source antivirus is not the most effective cybersecurity solution and can cause problems later. 

Because open source antivirus means that the code is publicly available, hackers can scan the code for security vulnerabilities. This can make it easier for hackers to target users who rely on that particular open-source antivirus.

Moreover, open-source antivirus fails to be updated regularly and consistently. Cybersecurity is a dynamic practice. You have to continuously maintain and improve defense before cybercriminals do.

Because open-source software requires volunteers from the community to fix it, updates for every operating system can take a while to code. Additionally, since most open-source antivirus is not hosted in the cloud, you need to manually install each update instead of an antivirus hosted in the cloud that automatically updates. 

You also need to consider the risk of downloading open-source antivirus that is just malware. 

Cybercriminals are just like you and me. They know that you’ll likely read Reddit posts or Youtube comments for free antivirus suggestions. Many times, cybercriminals will “recommend” downloading software that offers free antivirus, but it’s just collecting your data or malicious software. 

Prioritize Your Digital Life

Everything is done digitally now. Your bank account statements, personal files, and sensitive information are all stored and shared on your devices and applications. 

Treat your digital life as important as it is, and use personal cybersecurity to protect yourself. 

Agency, a cybersecurity company, offers comprehensive, business-level cybersecurity that prevents, monitors, and mediates problems if they arise. Be protected by a team of cybersecurity experts that monitor and respond to cyber threats 24/7. 

Agency’s plan includes: 

  • Next Gen Antivirus/EDR
  • Active Dark Web Monitoring 
  • Personal Information Removal 
  • Personal Cyber Coverage 
  • ID Theft Coverage 
  • Active Security Monitoring & Response by US Pros
  • VPNs

Cybersecurity attack vectors target every individual connected to technology, and it’s advisable to guard yourself and your information against malicious actors. By signing up for the newsletter, you could receive a free one month trial!

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