Agency’s Comprehensive Approach To Cybersecurity & Support

Cybersecurity is a necessity for businesses and individuals alike. With data security becoming increasingly relevant in our technological era, people are concerned if their data and devices are safe.

You may have heard of Norton, McAfee, or Sophos. These companies promise personal cybersecurity solutions to individuals. However, these are all passive cybersecurity providers. 

Passive cybersecurity is only a little better than no cybersecurity at all. If you experience a cyber threat, these providers fail to respond to and remediate the threat.

Enterprises do not use any “solution” remotely like these. Companies use active cybersecurity methods and providers. You should too.

What Is Cybersecurity Support? 

Cybersecurity is the protection of internet-connected systems. This includes hardware, software, and data from physical and cyber threats. Both individuals and enterprises use cybersecurity practices to protect unauthorized access to data and personal information.

Cybersecurity support can often manifest in various ways. It depends on whether the protection is for an individual or a company.

What Does Cybersecurity Look Like In Big Companies? 

Big companies establish cybersecurity governance and risk management programs. The program is dependent on the company’s size. A small business will not have the same security operations as Microsoft or Meta may have. 

For example, large companies often hire teams of cybersecurity experts. A chief information security officer oversees many large companies’ cybersecurity efforts.

Many companies adopt the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework. 

NIST Cybersecurity Framework’s Five Pillars

1. Identify 

Develop an organizational understanding of the cybersecurity risks that threaten your company. Your “company” includes your systems, people, assets, data, and capabilities. 

2. Protect

Develop and implement safeguards to ensure the delivery of critical infrastructure services.

3. Detect

Develop and implement activities to identify the occurrence of a cybersecurity event.

4. Respond

Develop and implement activities to take action regarding a detected cybersecurity incident.

5. Recover

Develop and implement activities for resilience. Develop and implement plans to restore capabilities or services impaired due to a cyber security incident.

Cybersecurity Support Appears At Every Level Of The NIST Framework.

Cybersecurity professionals perform analyses to identify the company’s cyber risks. The analysis may include factors like the data collected and the organization’s structure and practices. 

In the “Protect” pillar, cybersecurity support may aid the downloading and implementing of software like next-gen antivirus with EDR. 

Cybersecurity support may oversee the detection of cyber threats and choose to respond to the cyber threat appropriately.  

The “recover” pillar is often always overseen by cybersecurity support. This helps to restore cybersecurity safeguards and prevent incidents in the future. 

Agency’s Comprehensive Cybersecurity Support 

Agency offers affordable, personal cybersecurity service plans. Our methods are on par with the same security practices used by Microsoft and other large companies. 

Personal cybersecurity with Agency begins with an onboarding session. In this session, you meet with our cybersecurity specialist. He or she downloads a suite of cybersecurity tools to protect you from cyber threats. 

Agency’s endpoint management and security apps detect and defend against threats in real-time! Our Scout team then monitors for threats and responds to threats 24/7.

Our cybersecurity services do not end there.

With Your Personal Cybersecurity Plan, Agency Conducts:

  • Dark Web Monitoring For Your Personal Information
  • Personal Data Removal From Websites That Do Not Have Your Consent
  • Backups

If a cyber threat does occur, Agency provides up to $1 million of ID theft and loss of funds coverage with white glove restoration. Agency cyber professionals will restore your device for you.

Cyber Threats Threaten Everyone

It’s a myth that hackers only target large companies. 43% of cyber attacks targeted small businesses in 2021.

60% of small businesses that fell victim to a cyber attack did not survive and went out of business within six months.

In 2021, 212.4 million U.S. users were affected by a data breach.

Don’t wait to become a hacker’s next victim. Get Agency, and protect yourself from cyber criminals. 

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