Viddly YouTube Downloader Virus: Is It Safe?

Viddly’s YouTube Downloader is a popular application used to download videos from YouTube. Users can convert YouTube videos to MP3s for music or podcasts. They also can download YouTube videos as video files varying in quality. 

However, like anything else downloaded from the internet, people are concerned about the website’s legitimacy. 

Recently, a Redditor raised their concerns regarding the safety of Viddly. The user posted a thread in r/Software claiming that after being forced to update the Viddly software, they noticed their laptop’s fans “going crazy.” The task manager reported that the idol’s CPU usage surged to 70%. 

Reportedly, the most recent version of Viddly gives users the option to have an ad-free experience if the user agrees to allow a third-party site to access the net through their device. 

Is Viddly YouTube Downloader Safe?

Viddly Youtube Downloader seems only to collect your data or allow a third-party site to access the net through your device with your consent. However, it may be a better user experience to purchase the Viddly YouTube Downloader Plus with lifetime activation. This way, you can avoid ads without slowing your device’s performance down.

This application may be blocked by free passive antivirus software, especially if the software company does not offer customer support.

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