“Is It Safe?” 2023 Master List — Snapchat, Apple Pay, and More!

Agency’s Blog has compiled our current series of “Is It Safe?” articles for you to check out! Cybersecurity is vital in all your interactions with technology, from digital payment methods to common scams to Internet of Things (IoT) devices. 

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Payment Methods 

Apple Pay

Apple Pay secured its status as one of the most used digital payment methods, but is Apple Pay safe? Read our article on why Apple Pay is safer than your physical card.

Google Pay

Google Pay goes beyond a digital wallet by analyzing your purchases, emailed receipts, and more! Is Google Pay safe? Find out in our article “Google Pay… Why Should You Trust It?”

Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay allows Galaxy users to make transactions using their phones. Is Samsung Pay safe, and does it protect users’ information? Read our article!

Facebook Pay

Facebook Pay allows users to purchase items on Facebook Marketplace and transfer money to friends and family on the app! Find out if Facebook Pay is safe in our article.

Amazon Pay

Do you have an Amazon account? If you do, then you can purchase items on certain websites using Amazon Pay! However, is Amazon Pay safe?


Cash App 

Cash App is another digital payment platform that allows users to securely transfer money. Unfortunately, many users have fallen prey to cyber criminals on Cash App. Learn about common Cash App scams and how to get your money back.


Snapchat is used by over 332 million people. Many scammers are lurking on the app to victimize unsuspecting users. Protect yourself and read our article “Do You Know Someone Who Was Scammed On Snapchat?”

Internet of Things (IoT) Devices 

IoT Device Security 

IoT stands for the Internet of Things. IoT devices typically don’t have an internet connection but now do. Think smart watches, smart refrigerators, etc. If you own an IoT device, you should learn why they pose security risks to your home and family.

Smart Thermostats & Lights

Many homes now have smart thermostats and lights installed to help with the bills, but did you know that they may put your family at risk? Learn how these IoT devices may give cybercriminals a way in.

Why You Need Personal Cybersecurity 

Personal cybersecurity has never been such a necessity in today’s homes and personal devices. Between IoT devices, digital payment methods, and other technologies, you and your family’s sensitive data are always at risk. 

Agency offers affordable and comprehensive cybersecurity for only $20/month, free the first month! Consider all the information on your devices — credit cards, social security numbers, and more. Protect yourself, your identity, and your peace of mind with Agency’s cybersecurity.

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