What Is The Best Antivirus for iPad?

While the iOS operating system is one of the most secure, it is essential to have a protective antivirus to prevent your devices from being susceptible to malware attacks. 

Does my iPad Need Antivirus Protection?

Having antivirus software on your iPad is imperative to keeping you and your family safe online can only be helpful to you. While Apple’s iOS system is very secure, it does not protect your device from phishing attempts, user error, and social engineering malware.

You are still susceptible to phishing attacks, data breach schemes, and false advertising. These scams can infect your operating system with malware which will put your data and personal information at risk.

Why Should I Invest in Antivirus Software if my Operating System Probably Won’t Get Hacked?

The operating system on your iPad is designed so that a virus cannot infect it. However, iPads are so prevalent in today’s society that it’s still possible to get hacked.

Also, protecting your iPad does not account for hackers using the internet to steal your information. You can have your information stolen from your email, advertisements, or even text messages. Many scammers rely on you as the user to click on links and input your information to steal it. 

Purchasing an active antivirus software is the only way to protect your and your family’s data and personal information, even on your iPad. Antivirus software will detect scams like phishers and false advertisements to protect you from schemes designed to misuse your personal information. 

Which Antivirus Software Should I Pick?

Agency is enterprise-grade personal cybersecurity software that has 24/7 security monitoring on your devices. Starting at only $20 a month, you can get your devices, including your iPad, protect against phishing scams and false advertising designed to steal and manipulate your information. 

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