Best Security Software for Mac

Not all security software is created equal- especially regarding Macs. Learn about the best antivirus for your Mac and Apple products. 

Does my Mac need security software?

Yes, your Mac and other Apple devices do need cybersecurity software. Though Macs are known for their solid firewalls and nearly impenetrable operating systems, there is still a possibility that your Mac can become infected. It is a common misconception that Macs are ‘unhackable’. More and more Macs are falling victim to attacks and malware. Hackers and attackers are becoming more and more sophisticated. Remaining vigilant and protected is essential to protect your personal information from malware. 

Antivirus software will help protect your computer by catching old malware that is still in circulation and keep older, out-of-date systems protected against newer malware infecting your Mac. Malicious malware can come in many forms, like phishing scams, infected advertisements, and, lately, social media. Macs are also known for getting viruses through infected USB ports and other sketchy connections. 

Will antivirus help?

Antivirus is very effective, even on Macs. Downloading antivirus software onto your Mac will protect you and your information from scams, malware, and ransomware. Lately, there has been an increase in backdoors, cryptocurrency miners, and data stealers. While Mac’s level of security by itself is impressive, it is not enough to stop these kinds of viruses and attacks.

The Mac’s Operating system alone cannot fight off this level of sophistication. Antivirus software specifically targets threats to your Mac. It detects and removes malware, ransomware, and viruses from your Mac. Many folks keep essential information on their Macs and other Apple products. Social Security numbers, banking information, and credit card numbers are at risk if you do not have active antivirus software to protect your Mac and other devices. 

What is the best security software for a Mac?

Today, the market is flooded with different types of cyber security protection for various devices. Ensuring that you have an antivirus 

Agency offers enterprise-grade cybersecurity for all your devices, including your Mac and other Apple products. Agency is backed by a $1m cyber insurance guarantee and has 24/7 monitoring for your devices. Agency also offers a dark web scan to ensure your information is not stolen and circulating online. 

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