Was My iPhone Hacked?

Sometimes it can be hard to tell whether or not your iPhone is compromised. Here are some easy ways to know if your iPhone has been hacked.

Can my iPhone be hacked?

Cybercriminals can hack your iPhone. iOS 16 is considered one of the safest Operating Systems on the market, as It is built to protect your device from malware and other cyber attacks. While this is true, your iPhone can become compromised. This notably happened to Jeff Bezos when a cyber-intelligence firm installed Pegasus Spyware on his Apple device without him knowing. Correspondences between Bezos and leaders of nation-states were leaked on to the internet.

How can my iPhone become infected with malware?

iPhones are notorious for their incredibly safe operating system. In the past, it was almost impossible to hack an iPhone. Attacks on Apple Devices are becoming more prevalent as hackers devise ways to infiltrate access. It is thought to be impossible to hack through an iPhone’s antivirus system. However, security exploits are exposed on iPhones every month. Apple patches these vulnerabilities swiftly, but many people do not keep their operating systems up to date.

Phishing scams are one way that your phone can become infected with malware. Receiving suspicious emails or text messages and interacting with them is one of the most common ways people download viruses onto their devices. You can also get viruses through your default browser, Bluetooth connectivity, or public wifi without a VPN.

How will I be able to tell if someone hacked my iPhone?

Cybercriminals may have hacked your iPhone if you notice a severe decrease in battery performance, data usage, and unusual app behavior. There are usually signs to look out for that will help you to tell if your iPhone has been hacked. Detecting apps you did not download, or inappropriate pop-ups are also telltale signs that your iPhone could have been infected with malware. 

If you receive suspicious phone calls or notice that your credit card statement looks inaccurate, this may be a result of a hacker stealing your information from your iPhone. Usually, hackers aim to take this information and sell it on the dark web, so you must stay vigilant and check your credit score and banking information when you suspect you might have been hacked. 

How do I prevent my iPhone from getting hacked?

Ensuring that you are engaging online safely is essential. Do not open suspicious emails or answer questionable phone calls. Use a VPN to protect your iPhone from hackers when using public wifi. 

Often when an iPhone is hacked, it is because the device user engaged with malware rather than a virus breaking through the firewall on its own. The only surefire way to protect yourself is by downloading antivirus software onto your iPhone.

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