What Is Next Gen Antivirus?

Next-Gen Antivirus, also known as Next-Generation Antivirus (NGAV), uses a combination of artificial intelligence, behavioral detection, machine learning algorithms, and exploit mitigation to prevent cyber threats. 

You may also hear the term “endpoint antivirus.” This often refers to Endpoint Detection And Response (EDR). The difference between EDR and NGAV is detailed further down in this article.

It is the newer and now more preferred antivirus for various reasons. The older technology — legacy antivirus technology (AV) — fails to track and inspect a potential virus. It relies on signature-based detection methods, and hackers have grown sophisticated enough to evade these measures.

NGAV, in contrast, uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to build predictive analytics that identifies cyber attacks before your security protocols become compromised. It is also cloud-based, so software updates happen automatically!

How Traditional Antivirus Falls Short 

It’s the classic question of the chicken or the egg: do hackers push cybersecurity to become more advanced, or do robust cybersecurity measures encourage hackers to become more refined? 

Traditional antivirus used to be effective when it was new, but hackers have now learned the tricks necessary to evade it. Hackers know the vulnerabilities of traditional antivirus software and aren’t afraid to exploit these shortcomings. 

Attackers weaponize

  • Memory-based attacks 
  • PowerShell scripting language
  • Remote logins
  • Macro-based attacks 

These attacks bypass traditional antivirus and put individuals and companies at significant risk. More and more malicious actors are now abandoning simple “catch-all” approaches to hacking. The attacks have increased in complexity and personalization.

The outdated traditional antivirus solution is useless against those types of attacks.

What Is EDR?

EDR stands for Endpoint Detection and Response and is a sign of an effective NGAV solution. That means that the NGAV solution uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide real-time detection and prevention of complex threats. 

Can I Get NGAV Without EDR?

Though this option exists, it’s not a recommended cybersecurity solution.

EDR is considered a foundational security capability. With NGAV, EDR allows cybersecurity software to recognize unauthorized activities more accurately. 

EDR allows for a rapid response to stop these suspicious behaviors almost immediately. EDR also allows for a more holistic approach to data collection. This data collection allows the software to utilize machine learning and predictive analytics more effectively. 

Thus, your cybersecurity solution can monitor, identify, and stop cyber threats more effectively. 

How Does Next-Gen Antivirus Stop Cyber Attacks? 

Next-Gen Antivirus proactively stops cyber attacks.

by using intelligence tools to identify hackers’ methods of compromising your device.

Consider malware, for example. Malware can have many looks. For example, it could be a video game download or a health form. However, malware possesses specific “behaviors” that looks cannot hide. 

NGAV identifies these behaviors to protect you from all cyber attacks more effectively. 

Do I Need Antivirus For My Mac?

Despite the myth that Mac computers are immune to viruses, you do need antivirus for your Mac. Countless Mac users have lost personal information and files due to hackers.

There is security software on your Mac, but Mac security is not enough. The number of attacks targeting Mac users has only increased and shows no sign of slowing down.

Agency, a cybersecurity company, provides business-level security that protects you from cyber attacks like malware and phishing attacks. The affordable plan includes NGAV with EDR!

Do I Need Antivirus For My Windows 10?

Windows 10 has an antivirus program called Windows Defender of Microsoft Defender Antivirus. However, so do Macs.

In short, yes, you do need to install antivirus software for your Windows 10.

Windows Defender/Microsoft Defender Antivirus does not have endpoint protection and response (EDR) nor automated investigation and remediation. 

The lack of these cybersecurity tools means that the response is not real-time, and the problem is not investigated or fixed just by relying on this software.  

Do I Need Antivirus For My Chromebook?

Yes, you need antivirus for your Google Chromebook. Chromebook’s security is not enough. No device you can purchase will have a more effective cybersecurity tool than Next Gen Antivirus with EDR.

Chromebooks’ vulnerability stems from their close integration with the Chrome browser. Any effective cyber attack on browsers works on Chromebooks. 

Protect the information on your Chromebook by purchasing not just NGAV but a comprehensive personal cybersecurity plan. 

Agency’s plan includes Next Gen Antivirus with EDR and other cybersecurity tools to create robust security for your devices. 

Agency also offers 24/7 monitoring and response against cyber threats by cybersecurity experts. Sign up for our newsletter to try a 1-month trial for free!

Does Next-Gen Antivirus Slow Down Your Device? 

Because the cloud stores NGAV, your device will not be affected in terms of speed. Scans happen regularly, but your device’s bandwidth and processing speed will not be affected.

Can I Get Next-Gen Antivirus For Free? 

Looking through Google, Next Gen Antivirus doesn’t seem readily available to download for free.

However, be wary if you find software claiming to install free NGAV. Some free antivirus software collects information and sells it to third parties. Others do a minimal job of protecting you and slow down your device. 

The worst “free” antivirus software is the one that installs malware instead — the irony! Any free antivirus for Chromebooks, Macs, or other devices should be cautiously approached.

Moreover, you don’t want to get only NGAV as a cybersecurity tool. Consider your cybersecurity as a toolbox. Would you only buy a screwdriver to build a shed? 

Comprehensive personal cybersecurity costs only $20/month with Agency. Protecting yourself and your devices saves yourself the financial and emotional stress of being a cyber attack victim.

Agency is one of the few cybersecurity solutions using NGAV with EDR, alongside other practical cybersecurity tools. 

Agency’s plan also includes: 

  • Active Security Monitoring & Response by US Professionals
  • VPNs
  • ID Theft Coverage 
  • Active Dark Web Monitoring 
  • Personal Information Removal 
  • Personal Cyber Coverage
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