Agency x Crowdstrike Partnership Announcement

We’re thrilled to announce that Agency is officially partnering with CrowdStrike

Together, we’re pushing the boundaries of cybersecurity and ensuring a safer digital world for everyone – from enterprises and startups to individuals in their personal lives.

Starting today, Agency’s category-defining Employee-Targeted Digital Risk Protection and Personalized Managed Cybersecurity products will include CrowdStrike Falcon, the lightest weight, fastest, and most advanced detection and response capability in the market. In addition to endpoint sensors, Agency’s server and cloud protection offering will leverage CrowdStrike’s serverless workload and cloud posture security to fully integrate with Agency Verse, BreachSignal threat intelligence, and our 24/7 monitoring and response capabilities.

Agency for Startups continues to raise the bar as the best cybersecurity and compliance benefits program for startups. Starting today, Agency for Startups members will now have access to CrowdStrike’s tools under the same program benefits. We’re proud to have helped over 50 VC-backed startups in 2023 alone to easily acquire an enterprise security posture and leverage it to win transformational deals for their companies.

This is only the beginning of our partnership; stay tuned for more groundbreaking integrations in the future. 

If you’re a business with employees using personal phones to trigger MFA, access work email, or business applications, please get in touch before it’s too late

If you’re a startup interested in Agency for Startups and want access to over $8500 in free cybersecurity resources, get in touch here.

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