Back to School Cybersecurity on Fox 32’s Good Day Chicago

On August 24th, Agency’s CEO: Amir Tarighat, was on Good Day Chicago talking about Tips for protecting your kids’ online security.

Here are the most important highlights 👇

-Kids are at risk of cyber attacks just like adults because they’re heavy internet/app users but lack the media literacy and decision making skills of adults. 💻

-Some cyber attacks target kids and their personal information. Earlier this year the Chicago Public school district had a ransomware attack that stole 500K students’ personal info. We’ve seen scams on Roblox specifically focused on kids, often claiming to give free in-game currency. But there are many others. 👶 👧

-The most important thing parents can do is talk to their kids and make them aware of the potential for cybersecurity and privacy issues. Kids should know they need to be careful online and be comfortable talking to parents. 🕵️‍♀️

-Parents should check their kids favorite apps and confirm their privacy and security settings. ✅

-Parents should make sure their kids devices are always updated to the latest OS and should have device and network protections like Agency as an added precaution.

You can check out the video below!

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