Do I Need Endpoint Antivirus?

As cyber-attacks are rising, ensuring that all your devices and connections are secure is imperative.

What is Endpoint Antivirus?

Endpoint antivirus protects your devices from malware that could harm your information. It is designed to protect individual devices, such as computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones, from various types of malware, including viruses, spyware, trojans, and ransomware.

Endpoint antivirus works by scanning files and programs on the endpoint device for known malware signatures and using behavioral analysis to identify suspicious behavior that could indicate the presence of new or unknown threats. If a threat is detected, the endpoint antivirus can take various actions, such as quarantining or deleting the infected file, blocking access to malicious websites, and alerting the user or system administrator.

It is primarily used in the corporate environment to protect a company or organization’s network from attacks. IT teams can install it on endpoint devices inside and outside a company’s firewall.

How Does Endpoint Antivirus Work?

Endpoint antivirus analyzes malware and viruses. These programs utilize signature-based scanning, which pulls from an extensive database of virus signatures. It will scan the system for familiar signatures that may resemble malware. Behavioral analysis is what makes its threat detection so successful.

It also includes real-time protection, so it will be removed immediately when a threat pops up. When any viruses or threats are detected, the program will attempt to remediate or remove the threat.

Endpoint antivirus software is typically managed and monitored centrally by a security team, who can configure settings and policies, view alerts and reports, and take action to remediate threats across multiple devices. They work out of a dedicated Security Operations Center (SOC) that is staffed 24/7 and has visibility into all devices connected to the central software.

It is essential to update your endpoint antivirus to protect your and your family’s information most effectively. Many solutions will update manually to protect your system from new threats.

Endpoint protection is a start, but it doesn’t give you the greatest protection. The reason is that antivirus software companies offer endpoint security but do not monitor it. So, if your device is infected with malware, the antivirus software company might take weeks or months to recognize its presence.

What you want is 24-7 personalized managed cybersecurity with endpoint protection. That way, if your device is infected with malware, there’s a team on standby ready to jump in and help before your data is extracted.

Why Do I Need Endpoint Security?

Agency is one of the only companies offering endpoint security to retail customers and businesses. Malware attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated and warrant next-generation endpoint security on personal devices. Current approaches are no longer enough to keep your information secure and safe from cyber-attacks. Your devices are vulnerable if you have Personalized Managed Cybersecurity.

Frequently, large corporations are the targets of cyber attacks. Because of their positions, executives can also be targets of cyber attacks or malware infections. This requires endpoint antivirus specifically for the executives to ensure that all private company information remains safeguarded.

What Endpoint Antivirus Should I Get?

Agency offers low-cost endpoint antivirus to protect you and your company. With enterprise-grade cybersecurity and 24/7 monitoring, all your devices will remain secure with a $1m cyber insurance guarantee. If you choose an unmanaged legacy antivirus solution, you will not be protected against the newest and most sophisticated threats on the internet.

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