Personalized Managed Cybersecurity (PMC) Whitepaper

Agency is proud to announce our latest whitepaper, which explores our new paradigm, Personalized Managed Cybersecurity.

The paper is written by Cole Grolmus from Strategy of Security. Cole is a cybersecurity researcher and previously worked at PWC’s Cybersecurity, Privacy, and Risk practice for 12 years.

Employee-targeted digital threats are the newest and largest threat to organizations’ cybersecurity, and in this whitepaper, we discuss those threats and how the best organizations are now managing them. Agency is offering a solution that will revolutionize personal cyber security.

Our work and personal lives have become one and the same. Attackers seek increasingly devious ways to exploit companies, including attacks on individual employees’ and business partners’ personal accounts and devices. It’s time for personal cybersecurity to adapt to this new reality.

Managed security and privacy for individuals is an emerging paradigm for addressing this reality and keeping digital lives secure. Forward-thinking companies and sophisticated individuals are turning to cybersecurity experts to help defend personal devices and accounts from data breaches.

A new generation of personal services now makes enterprise-level cybersecurity accessible to individuals. Companies and people can now keep personal information safe from cyber threats.

Agency commissioned Strategy of Security to explore the intersection of personal and enterprise cybersecurity and new approaches for managing the new wave of attacks. The analysis found vast differences in the tactics and rigor taken by organizations to keep their people secure at work compared to individuals at home. The traditional “you’re on your own” model for managing the security of privacy and individuals isn’t working. It’s time for a better approach.

Organizations that offer managed security and privacy services for employees’ digital lives -or forward-thinking individuals who subscribe on their own- are taking a proactive stance. They’re more prepared and resilient against attacks that impact their personal lives, especially on their mobile devices. They also prevent attacks from crossing over into their work lives. This is a security model built for the future.

[Check out our Personalized Managed Cybersecurity (PMC) Whitepaper Here]

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