Personalized Managed Cybersecurity (PMC) Whitepaper

Agency is proud to announce our latest whitepaper, which explores our new paradigm, Personalized Managed Cybersecurity.

The paper is written by Cole Grolmus from Strategy of Security. Cole is a cybersecurity researcher and previously worked at PWC’s Cybersecurity, Privacy, and Risk practice for 12 years.

Employee-targeted digital threats are the newest and largest threat to organizations’ cybersecurity, and in this whitepaper, we discuss those threats and how the best organizations are now managing them.

Our work and personal lives have become one and the same. Attackers seek increasingly devious ways to exploit companies, including attacks on individual employees’ and business partners’ personal accounts and devices. It’s time for cybersecurity to adapt to this new reality.

[Check out our Personalized Managed Cybersecurity (PMC) Whitepaper Here]

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